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SalesUp V2.0 goes live

on June 5, 2014


We, at HeadsUp express our thanks and gratitude to all of our customers, partners and teams. Thanks to you all, SalesUp version 2.0 goes live and brings out to the market a number of innovating features to reinforce your sales results and your profitable and sustainable growth.

SalesUp 1.0 already was … SalesUp version 2.0 is even more:

1 Your personal help to decision making, enabling you to:

- Maximize your results by revealing your Survival Prospecting Level, the level of minimum monthly prospecting in order to ensure reaching your future targets,
- Reach your targets by anticipating thanks to the calculations of Gaps to Plan and Split of Gaps showing the actions that will have the highest impact on reaching your targets,
- Exceed your targets thanks to Untapped Potentials screens (Customers, Vertical Market Segments) and to the Automatic Update of Potentials for each of your Customers,
- Realize the impact of your results, your planned actions and your accessible potential on your bonus, thanks to the Situation Bar converting your progresses and forecasts according to your bonus scheme.

2 Your personal help to Prospecting, enabling you to:

- Anticipate the variations of your need for Prospecting thanks to the Customer Demand Trends chart,
- Detect Customers you risk loosing and the Developing customers thanks to the Customer Portfolio Erosion analysis,
- Find in one click the customers with untapped potential thanks to the Customer Dashboards charts,
- Initiate on time the necessary steps to find new customers, thanks to the Projected Returns charts, measuring the return rates (RFQ, Orders) from new customers in the first month, first quarter, first semester, …
- Understand the performances of your customers, products, markets with Historical Data Trends (Demand profile, Turnover, Penetration, Product mix …),
- Expand your network towards more growth thanks to the Detecting of Most Influential Players in your market,
- Increase your prospecting efficiency thanks to the Rising Potential Customers chart, and to the Wining Products chart allowing you to go prospecting here you’ll get the best results, having your best cards in hand,
- Follow-up on your competitors, thanks to the Competitors Evolutions Reports, displaying which ones are developing or faltering, your products that usually hurt them, the markets/regions where they are entering …

3 Your personal help to Following-up on Jobs/Customers, enabling you to:

- Find your best opportunities to reach and exceed your targets, thanks to the Scanner that singles out the jobs in your pipeline which correspond to the gap you need to close (period, amount …) while keeping an eye on the slipping jobs,
- Facilitate customer call-backs with the Immediate Potential Customers chart,
- Improve customer satisfaction and your results thanks to RFQ Prioritizing and Quotation Tracking charts,
- Discover a job quicker and deeper, thanks to the Decision Landscape chart mapping every player in the decision making process (role, importance, influence, spin …),
- Get peace as you can envision a realistic future : thanks to TransForm that takes into account your current level of Prospecting and projects it on the future of your Orders Pipeline, and to the Forecasts automatically generated from your actual jobs,
- Accelerate the discovery of your jobs thanks to the Automated Customer Quizz, based on your experience and market best practices, these questionnaires are automatically integrated in your visit plans, based on the job discovery status, and allow you to easily collect the information you’re looking for,
- Obtain the support you need on your jobs, thanks to ComOn you can involve any member of your company (support, quotation team, marketing, experts, BU, manager, leadership …) into the actions you deem necessary to close the job. They are engaged in reaching the target and forecast, and you can follow-up on your requests,
- Improve communication about a job, thanks to the Automated Job Summary, the recipients of your messages receive a detailed summary of the commercial context of the job and its importance for the company,
- Simplify the price authorisation requests, thanks to Price Authorisation Escalator, your requests for special price immediately go to the appropriate and available levels of hierarchy, together with the requested information, ensuring a prompt and objective response,
- Secure your results thanks to One-Off Flags, that draws your attention to the results depending from only but a few jobs, thus making sure you won’t be taken by surprise and can take the necessary measures in advance.

4 Your personal help for Sales Action Plans, enabling you to:

- Calibrate your sales efforts based on your own situation and targets, thanks to Actions Estimated Value Impact and their graphical display, vous can deploy your energy and time to reach your targets and reinforce the trust your company places in your reliability,
- Plan your sales actions has never been that easy, thanks to Planning and To Do List user graphical interfaces, you can pick and focus on these actions that have the greatest impact on the term of your choice,
- Obtain the support you need on your actions, thanks to ComOn you can involve any member of your company (support, quotation team, marketing, experts, BU, manager, leadership …) to your sales actions. They are involved in completing the action, and you can follow-up on your requests,
- Teamwork, thanks to Sales Action Plans, that can be designed as a team, allow for collaboration and easy follow-up, your team will deliver on the common target,
- Maximize your results, thanks to the Magic Wand that recommends you with the most impactful list of sales actions.

6 Your personal help for many other tasks, enabling you to:

- Save time, thanks to Forecast Generator, that takes into account your activity and current pipeline to consolidate forecasts report to your various managers (directs, functionals, KAM …) without any need for your intervention,
- Improve your targeting of Customers (or Markets, or Jobs) thanks to TriDim, that allows you to compare items on three combined dimensions (ie : sales potential, hit rate, profitability) in a graphical and intuitive way,
- Refine your targeting using MultiFilter to sort on Vertical market segments, products, products families, end users, buyers, regions, teams, BU’s,
- Keep your contacts up-to-date easily, thanks to Social Network Update (LinkedIn, Viadeo),
- Accelerate your communications thanks to Audio Format messages in ComOn, you can dicate / listen from your smartphone,
- Expand your professional network, thanks to MultiFilter that now allows you to sort your business using Most Influential Player filter (Consulting engineers, Architects, Investors, General Contractor …) and points you to the strongest leverages in your business,
- and many more accelerators and support from the Magic Wand to limit your manual input and maximize your capacity to detect growth potentials before anyone else does …

Thanks to all of you for your trust, and continuous engagement in the use and improvement of SalesUp.

Have a brilliant day, and make it count !

Your HeadsUp team.

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